Oct 22 | Stephen

5 Principles for Respecting Contact Center Employees + The CX Benefits

Most companies know that investing in employees leads to improved customer experience (CX), but they don’t always realize that the way they treat their team ties directly to CX. In a customer-facing business, front-line employees can make or break CX, so it’s essential to show them the highest levels of respect for their hard work […]
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Aug 18 | Stephen

The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare cybersecurity

As if stress levels in the healthcare industry weren’t high enough due to the COVID-19 pandemic, risks to its already fragile cybersecurity infrastructure are at an all-time high. From increased cyberattacks to exacerbated vulnerabilities to costly human errors, if healthcare cybersecurity wasn’t circling the drain before, COVID-19 sent it into a tailspin.   No time […]
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May 31 | Stephen

Top 4 Benefits of Working With an Agile Contact Center Provider

The word “agile” gets tossed around a lot in the contact center trade. Big players promise an agile mindset, agile workforce, and agile technology, but it’s become more of a fancy adjective than an accurate indication of CX agility. Despite the noise surrounding agile, plenty of smaller CX providers, contact centers, and BPOs see it […]
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Post Covid 19
May 17 | Stephen

4 Post-Covid Solutions Enhancing Customer Experience in Healthcare

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation in the healthcare industry, as medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies rush to manage growing patient/consumer demand. The healthcare industry is adopting a mix of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, big data, and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies to optimize legacy systems and streamline processes for physicians, pharmacists, and patients alike. In […]
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Mar 23 | Stephen

Small Scale, Huge Benefits: The Perks of Choosing a Boutique CX Partner

Not every business needs a large-scale CX partner with tens of thousands of agents at their disposal; sometimes, all you need is an innovative idea and a handful of experts. Boutique customer experience providers may not have the massive headcounts that the big players can offer. Still, they bring a ton of benefits to the […]
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Nov 25 | Stephen

3 Non-Voice Channels to Leverage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected the world in many unexpected ways, including a spike in customer service calls for many businesses and service providers. Intercom’s research found that almost half of the companies surveyed had their call volumes increase by 51% on average since the start of the pandemic. This influx has overwhelmed companies […]
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Nov 19 | Stephen

No One Can Afford to Ignore the US Hispanic Consumer

  Customer experience is all about results.  Whether it is servicing a customer next door or on the other side of the world, what counts for enterprises is ensuring that an end-user is satisfied and willing to provide repeat business at the end of an interaction.  In the case of the US, the growing need […]
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Nov 2 | Stephen

Leveraging the Nearshore CX Option in a Post Covid19 World

If there is one thing that strikes me as an important factor in delivery of customer experience to US consumers, it is the geographic options available.  Over the past 25 years, Americans have been supported by agents as far away as India, the Philippines and South Africa.  But as we aim toward a post-pandemic world, […]
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Aug 24 | Stephen

Balancing CX Needs Between Facilities and Work-From-Home

Many in customer experience management felt there was a standard formula when it came to how interactions were delivered to consumers. According to that view, most operators would house the bulk of their workstations in a physical contact center, and perhaps shift a small amount of work to agents working from home. My, how things have changed!
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Sep 2 | Stephen

The Millennial Effect: How Younger Generations are Revolutionizing Customer Engagement Channels

For most millennials, the “phone call” seems a bit of an archaic form of communication. The advent of video-chatting, texting, and instant messaging has encouraged younger generations to move away from the communication platforms of the past and this is having a profound effect on the contact center industry as a whole.
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