Sep 2 | Stephen

The Millennial Effect: How Younger Generations are Revolutionizing Customer Engagement Channels

For most millennials, the “phone call” seems a bit of an archaic form of communication. The advent of video-chatting, texting, and instant messaging has encouraged younger generations to move away from the communication platforms of the past and this is having a profound effect on the contact center industry as a whole.
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Apr 5 | Stephen

Deliver Amazing Results to Your Customers by Focusing on Your Core

Do you know why triathletes view focusing on their core muscles during workouts as one of the most important parts of their training? It’s all about maximizing their power and performance. The muscles in our core provide stability to our spine and pelvis, allowing us to control our position, generate optimal power, and transfer that […]
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Mar 12 | Stephen

6 Ways to be Employee Obsessed in the BPO Industry

When it comes to company culture, our mission at The Workloop is a workforce that is 100% happy, driven and engaged as we believe this is the way to get the best results for our clients. In order to build this foundation we set up six key points that feed our mantra of being employee obsessed.
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