POSTED: 05/31/21
BY: Stephen

Top 4 Benefits of Working With an Agile Contact Center Provider

The word “agile” gets tossed around a lot in the contact center trade. Big players promise an agile mindset, agile workforce, and agile technology, but it’s become more of a fancy adjective than an accurate indication of CX agility.

Despite the noise surrounding agile, plenty of smaller CX providers, contact centers, and BPOs see it as the only way of doing business. The agile approach to CX revolutionizes operations for small- to medium-sized providers as they capture the many benefits of eliminating traditional silos and embracing cultural evolution.

Here are some of the top benefits of partnering with an agile contact center company.


Professional Teams With a Passion for Your Brand


Large contact centers go through massive, regular changes in the workforce, hiring and firing hundreds of people in a matter of weeks. On top of that, attrition is a huge problem in the industry, with agents walking out the door daily.

With the need to interview, onboard, and train so many people, it’s tough to determine who is genuinely excited about your brand and who will stick around long enough to add any value. On the other hand, in an agile contact center, there’s much more flexibility to pick and choose professionals with a desire to grow alongside the company and deliver customer experiences that make a real impact on the bottom line.

An agile CX provider can also vet people more thoroughly, ensuring they have the skills, personality, and cultural alignment to bring value to specific brand campaigns.


More Customer-Focused than Tech-Focused


Technology is excellent for CX. We can automate processes, analyze calls with ease, work from anywhere in the world, train robots to support agents—the list is endless. Even so, too much of a good thing can damage CX if not kept in check.

Large providers often come under a lot of pressure to introduce the latest and greatest technologies, then spend time, cash, and resources on implementation, process adjustment, and training. Agile contact centers can take a more selective approach to technology, ensuring that every new tool contributes to their clients’ CX objectives.

With agility comes the power to ignore the hype and introduce the right technology for game-changing customer experiences, not the other way around.


Rapid Decision Making


When CX providers have a vast footprint, taking steps towards anything is a much longer process. There are more stakeholders to include, more employees to inform, and more executive decisions to run down the chain of command.

In an agile contact center, executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line agents operate much closer together, communicating on equal footing. As a result, employees understand their impact on the business and have more autonomy to make decisions quickly, which is especially useful for piloting new ideas and fostering innovation.


Freedom, Transparency, and Ownership


Every great customer experience outsourcing partnership rests upon a solid foundation of transparency, trust, and efficient collaboration. An agile CX partner has the ability to respond quickly, take ownership of critical tasks, and maximize performance for everyone involved.

That ownership extends to the front line, where agents have the freedom to take a creative approach to problem-solving, resulting in greater efficiency and an increase in first-call resolution.


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