POSTED: 03/23/21
BY: Stephen

Small Scale, Huge Benefits: The Perks of Choosing a Boutique CX Partner

Not every business needs a large-scale CX partner with tens of thousands of agents at their disposal; sometimes, all you need is an innovative idea and a handful of experts.

Boutique customer experience providers may not have the massive headcounts that the big players can offer. Still, they bring a ton of benefits to the table, especially for smaller businesses.

Here’s why it pays to consider the small guys if you’re looking for big wins in CX.


Creative Strategy > Metrics


Metrics and analytics will always have their place in CX delivery, but companies can often get hung up on improving the numbers when there could be more creative ways to improve their overall programs.

The big CX providers love to deliver a mind-boggling amount of metrics and reports, which is excellent for huge organizations that live or die by the numbers. However, suppose you’re a smaller business with more freedom to experiment. In that case, it’s far more impactful to focus on creativity to give you an edge in the marketplace.

Boutique CX providers have the agility and the passion for helping their partners build and fine-tune innovative support strategies, build out pilots, and test out innovations rather than rely solely on metrics.


Agility and Flexibility that Leads to Quick Wins


Speaking of agility, perhaps the most significant benefit of working with a smaller boutique provider is the speed at which they can get things moving.

Unlike some more prominent providers, your boutique CX partner has the power to make quick decisions, providing an unmatched level of flexibility in your campaigns. What’s more, they’ll help you maintain that momentum even if you pivot to a new strategy

Think of big players like colossal oil tankers, turning slowly and steadily when changing course. Boutique CX partners, on the other hand, are like speedboats: smaller but far more nimble.


VIP Access to Whatever you Need


If you approached the big guys with a campaign of fewer than 100 seats, most of them would laugh you out of the door. Boutique CX providers, on the other hand, welcome any small project with open arms.

As well as a small team of CX agents at your disposal, a boutique CX provider’s leadership team is only a step or two away from your account manager, giving you access to top-level decision-makers when you need it.

Everyone at the company invests themselves in you as a partner, giving their time to find solutions to your challenges and help get the most out of your campaigns as quickly as possible.


Technology to Meet Customer Demands


Without the ability to provide high-quality interactions and immediate responses, brands can suffer devastating long-term damage to their reputation. Companies need the right technology to avoid this problem and provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Boutique contact centers have in-house IT and development teams that can quickly implement the right tools for your campaign or even manage your existing stack. Look for partners who constantly evolve their own technology stacks to create more efficient processes and better customer experiences.

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