POSTED: 11/19/20
BY: Stephen

No One Can Afford to Ignore the US Hispanic Consumer


Customer experience is all about results.  Whether it is servicing a customer next door or on the other side of the world, what counts for enterprises is ensuring that an end-user is satisfied and willing to provide repeat business at the end of an interaction.  In the case of the US, the growing need for service excellence in the Hispanic community is at an apex – more than ever, this demographic is flexing its collective consumer muscles. Those enterprises that fall short in CX delivery to Hispanics will lose out on an important commercial opportunity. But by driving service excellence with an experience nearshore partner, brands across the industry spectrum in the US can optimize their relationships with Spanish-speaking consumers.

It is staggering how the American Hispanic community comprises an important segment of US consumer activity.  Consider that the number of Americans who speak Spanish at home is over 40 million, according to some estimates.  This is a population that is larger than Canada or Australia.  Still, sheer numbers only tell part of the story.

Consider the purchasing power of the US Hispanic community. Incomes among this group have risen over the past 25 years.  As a result, the need to satisfy the requirements of Spanish-speaking consumers is acute and it should be a business priority.  As more American Hispanics enjoy greater disposable income, their spending on more sophisticated goods and services will be pronounced.  Those vendors that are not able to provide top-notch service in Spanish, either over the telephone or via digital channels, will be at a disadvantage.

So what does this mean for US enterprises that are eager to deliver Spanish support but that lack the experience?  Simply put, inaction is not an option. No matter the sector, competition for consumer loyalty has never been so intense. Providing Hispanic CX alongside English needs to be a priority.

For this reason, many enterprise decision-makers are opting to work with a contact center services partner for delivery of front-line services when it comes to US Spanish-language requirements.  Enterprises can be confident that their end-users’ questions will be resolved at a high standard by working with an outsourcer that has Spanish-language capabilities, the processes needed to guarantee excellence already in place, and the right technologies to facilitate agent excellence.

Fortunately, the nearshore offers a bevy of options.  Mexico to Colombia promise excellent Spanish-language delivery from a number of cities. Meanwhile, enterprises choosing to work with a BPO partner in Honduras will find an immediate advantage in the form of a level of Spanish and English fluency among agents that is unmatched in the region.  Economies of scale can be achieved by housing both languages in one center, alongside the obvious cost savings that Honduras affords American enterprise buyers.  But the key is to recognize that it is not simply a luxury—Spanish support is a commercial reality and no serious US contact center operation should be without it.

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