POSTED: 03/17/22
BY: Stephen

How to Boost CX Wins in the Adventure Vehicle Tourism Market

Travel and tourism took a significant hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, with overall travel statistics dropping to unprecedented levels. Still, as pandemic fears gradually dissipate, tourism companies now have a unique chance to refresh their approach to customer experience (CX).

The vehicle tourism market represents adventure and discovery, with people having access to boats, camper vans, and exotic cars through ride-sharing apps and rental services. After years of lockdowns, restrictions, and working at home, many people are ready to explore the world again, giving vehicle tourism companies an excellent opportunity to attract new customers.

Here are a few ways brands in the vehicle tourism market can attract and retain customers by offering an unrivaled customer experience tailored to our changing world.


Remind People about the Magic of Travel

Travel is an emotional experience for most people, creating memorable journeys that stick with us for life. Vehicle tourism adds another dimension to that emotion: the ability to go anywhere and do anything in your camper van, yacht, speedboat, or other means of private transport.

It’s vital to start the customer journey with a reminder of the freedom and adventure they can experience. So on your website and apps, use videos and images to highlight the human-centric nature of vehicular exploration while sharing genuine feedback from happy customers. Try to connect emotionally and carry that emotional connection through every customer interaction.

Once the booking is made, vehicle tourism companies need to find ways to delight their customers, not just satisfy them. Part of that can come from customer experience representatives who empathize with customers if something goes wrong and have the tools to solve their problems quickly. If CX reps have used the service themselves and have a similar passion for travel, all the better.


Develop a Deeper Understanding of Customers

Customer needs and expectations are constantly shifting, so vehicle tourism companies must stay up-to-date on current customer trends while leveraging new and existing data to measure customer satisfaction.

With data analytics, voice analytics, machine learning, and other automated tools, companies can begin to understand what their customers want and need without even asking. With a blend of internal data, social media, booking history, mobile systems, and operational systems, brands can track customer trends at every touchpoint of the journey, allowing them to find areas for improvement and better align with customer needs.

These real-time insights are excellent sources of intelligence, but they can quickly lose value without the agility and speed to act upon them. Therefore, it’s essential to work with strategic partners that already utilize these CX tools and know how to implement them into an existing CX strategy.


Tailor CX to Adventurers and Owners

Customer loyalty is challenging to manage in the adventure vehicle tourism market. On one side, providers have to attract a steady stream of travelers. On the other, they need vehicle owners willing to rent out their beloved rides to strangers.

Each of these customer segments requires a specific approach to CX. While tourists want to be sure they can enjoy their adventures without a hitch, vehicle owners need to know that their income is safe, that their vehicle is protected, and that the brand is there to support them if something goes wrong. Either way, try to create a culture of belonging that inspires customers to participate in improving the overall experience.

When making changes to your CX strategy, try to include your customers in the decision-making process. Along with a detailed FAQ readily available on the app or website, ensure that agents are trained to deal with both travelers and vehicle owners and keep them on-hand 24/7 to handle any concerns day or night.

Much like other peer-to-peer services in the sharing economy, the customer experience in this sector is built on trust. If vehicle owners and travelers can trust each other, trust their CX representatives, and trust their providers to deliver an exceptional experience, the sector will continue to thrive.

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